Public Service Announcement, 22nd February 2023

It is with regret that we announce the termination of our relationship with Royal Flair Caravans.


We would like to note that Melbourne Caravan Repairs ceased supply of Sky-Deck Vehicle Verandas to Royal Flair Caravans effective from May 2022.


Melbourne Caravan Repairs still retains full ownership of the intellectual properties including the patents and trademark for the Sky-Deck Vehicle Veranda. The Sky-Deck has never been an exclusive to any particular manufacturer and we always welcome any enquiries directly or via the contact form contained on this website.



Creators of the Sky-Deck Vehicle Veranda


Melbourne Caravan Repairs

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Sky-Deck – The Ultimate Caravan Decking Verandah

If you are looking for an affordable way to add a caravan decking verandah to give you the space you’re always wanted on your RV, we have the perfect solution. The Sky-Deck is an Australian concept that has been designed, refined and produced here in Melbourne. We believe that the Sky-Deck represents one of the best caravan accessories on the market today. For a small investment you can have a fantastic balcony that will considerably increase the area of useable floor space for a fraction of what it would cost to upgrade to a larger caravan.


The Brilliance Behind The Sky-Deck


The Sky-Deck is an innovative and unique design that never fails to impress anyone who has seen this caravan decking verandah in action. A lot of thought and refinement has gone into developing the Sky-Deck. It has taken years of fine-tuning to produce the final product that excels in every aspect. With such devotion to this project and an exceptionally user-friendly caravan decking verandah, it’s not surprising that the Sky-Deck has got the caravanning industry very excited.



The Smartest Caravan Decking Verandah


One of the many attractive features of the Sky-Deck is its simplicity of use. The whole caravan balcony system sits above the drawbar; making use of an area that is otherwise wasted space. When you are not using the Sky-Deck, the verandah system conveniently stores away while still attached to your caravan. Made using lightweight, durable materials, the Sky-Deck won’t impede towing your caravan. In fact, owners often remark how well the modern aerodynamic nose slips through the air.


Once you have arrived at your camp site and levelled and secured your caravan as normal, you can set up your caravan decking verandah. All you need to do is raise the deck lid, lower the floor into place and attach the safety rails. The result is over 3.5 sq/m’s of elevated decking that’s safely enclosed and under a canopy for the ultimate protection from the elements. The amazing thing is that it takes less than 60 seconds to put in place! Also, with spring assisted handles, anyone can easily set-up and pack-up the decking.


Who Can Benefit From a Sky-Deck?


Every caravan owner will fall in love with the Sky-Deck and have many great uses for their new caravan decking. Whether it provides a great viewing platform to watch the native birds, or a place to fire-up the Webber and enjoy a BBQ with friends, The Sky-Deck gives you the space you need. If you want to have a safe place for the kids to play off the ground or somewhere for your dog to sleep at nights, the Sky-Deck is ideal. These are just some of the many ways our customers make use of this great caravan decking verandah. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and find out more about the wonderful Sky-Deck. Call or visit us online for a quote today!


What To Learn More About Sky Deck?