Public Service Announcement, 22nd February 2023

It is with regret that we announce the termination of our relationship with Royal Flair Caravans.


We would like to note that Melbourne Caravan Repairs ceased supply of Sky-Deck Vehicle Verandas to Royal Flair Caravans effective from May 2022.


Melbourne Caravan Repairs still retains full ownership of the intellectual properties including the patents and trademark for the Sky-Deck Vehicle Veranda. The Sky-Deck has never been an exclusive to any particular manufacturer and we always welcome any enquiries directly or via the contact form contained on this website.



Creators of the Sky-Deck Vehicle Veranda


Melbourne Caravan Repairs

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Sky-Deck - How Does It Work?

To setup and use your Sky-Deck Caravan couldn't be easier. Its as easy as following the four main steps.



step 1

Step 1

Once you have arrived at your site proceed to level your caravan.

Wind down your stabiliser legs as you normally would.


step 2

Step 2

Undo the two over centre catches on the deck lid and raise to full height.

This is easily done as the lid is balanced on two gas springs.


step 3

Step 3

Grasp handles and lower the deck to level position.  It might look large but this is also spring assisted.


step 4

Step 4

Undo the two travel locks on front rail.

Fold and engage door side hand rail, tighten lock

Fold and engage road side hand rail, tighten lock



Finished!  Time to sit and enjoy the view