Public Service Announcement, 22nd February 2023

It is with regret that we announce the termination of our relationship with Royal Flair Caravans.


We would like to note that Melbourne Caravan Repairs ceased supply of Sky-Deck Vehicle Verandas to Royal Flair Caravans effective from May 2022.


Melbourne Caravan Repairs still retains full ownership of the intellectual properties including the patents and trademark for the Sky-Deck Vehicle Veranda. The Sky-Deck has never been an exclusive to any particular manufacturer and we always welcome any enquiries directly or via the contact form contained on this website.



Creators of the Sky-Deck Vehicle Veranda


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Sky-Deck Vehicle Veranda


The Sky-Deck™ Vehicle Verandah


The Sky-Deck™ vehicle verandah is a patent protected Australian invention well suited to our unique caravan and RV industry. It is a self-supporting RV verandah that easily erects in less than 60 seconds. Easier and faster than most caravan roll out awnings. Whilst on that topic, you will most likely never need the awning again as with the Sky-Deck™ you will have over 3.5 sq/m's of elevated and hand railed deck at your disposal.


The Sky-Deck™ means something different for every person.


Sky-deck during testingA great place for bird watchers to sit on their elevated perch

 A place for your dog to run off leash


A spot to sit with a bottle of red and watch the sun set


Beer and snags on the Weber BBQ


Free camping - up off the ground away from spiders and snakes


Water front site - nice place to sit and fish





And it doesn't stop there - at over 3.5 sq/m's of space, that’s a 20-30% increase in the average caravans useable floor space. Expanding out over the drawbar makes excellent use of the site you are already paying for yet wasting. Everyone wants 30 foot of space; nobody wants to drag 30 foot through the mountains, in and out of service stations, trying to back into tight spaces. Just think of the weight, fuel consumption and strain on the tow vehicle.


The expanding Sky-Deck™ Vehicle Verandah allows a 16 foot caravan to become almost 22 foot of caravan (or coupled with an Rapid/Expanda style folding bed - over 27 foot) yet still has the footprint of a 16 foot caravan. Easy to tow, back and park.


The Sky-Deck™ is wholly Australian developed and made using the best components sourced from some of the largest names in the yachting, body making and RV industries. Accurately built on jigs, custom built caravans designed from the ground up to make the best use of one of the most innovative products the industry has ever seen.


Make you next van a verandah van


Make it a Sky-Deck™ van


Sky-Deck™ is a trade mark of Refined Sands Pty. Ltd.

(Melbourne Caravan Repairs)

Made by Refined Sands Pty. Ltd.

Fully Patent Protected