Public Service Announcement, 22nd February 2023

It is with regret that we announce the termination of our relationship with Royal Flair Caravans.


We would like to note that Melbourne Caravan Repairs ceased supply of Sky-Deck Vehicle Verandas to Royal Flair Caravans effective from May 2022.


Melbourne Caravan Repairs still retains full ownership of the intellectual properties including the patents and trademark for the Sky-Deck Vehicle Veranda. The Sky-Deck has never been an exclusive to any particular manufacturer and we always welcome any enquiries directly or via the contact form contained on this website.



Creators of the Sky-Deck Vehicle Veranda


Melbourne Caravan Repairs

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I disconnect my car?

When the caravan is unhitched from the tow vehicle, either the supplied jockey wheel or adjustable Alko stand can be utilized for support in conjunction with your stabilizer legs. Clearance has been provided for the jockey wheel (or stand handle) when the deck is folded down allowing you to level the caravan prior to deploying the deck.


What happened to the front boot?

This is a little tricky as it relates more to the manufacturer of the caravan than it does to the verandah. Many layouts of caravans utilizing the Sky-Deck™ also come equipped with a rear tunnel boot making clever use of the often wasted space in the bottom corners of the rear wardrobe. Many Sky-Deck™ equipped caravans also feature an a-frame mounted storage tray which makes a great place for hoses, leads, jockey wheel and stand etc. The Sky-Deck™ when closed does not close up against the front wall so in fact features an area over 7 foot (2200mm) wide, more than 6’ tall (2000mm) and in most cases over 1 foot deep (300mm). Generally you may lose a traditional boot but as most will appreciate, you gain even more storage than you had ever dreamed of.


Where have the gas bottles gone?

Gas bottles are stored in a compartment through the side of the caravan, sealed from the interior. This keeps them safe, dry and secure.


What about bad weather conditions?

Some may have missed the superb combination screens and fly wires making the Sky-Deck™ into an extra room rather an open verandah. These also have the benefit of enhancing the structure during inclement weather conditions.


Can I drive with the Sky-Deck™ deployed on my caravan?

The very short answer is NO. The Sky-Deck™ is designed for stationary use only and must be packed up prior to leaving the site. You must also close it even if you are only moving from one site to another.


If my caravan has a Sky-Deck™, can I still have an ensuite?

This depends on the manufacturer and the layout chosen. The most popular layout so far has the shower located on the door side front corner and the toilet located on the driver’s side front corner. Walking between the two rooms via the triple lock security door provides access to the verandah without the loss of your ensuite.


What about the ball weight of the caravan? Is it heavier or lighter?
Generally it is unchanged or lighter but this is a tricky one. The ball weight is made up of many things including the Sky-Deck™, water tank placement, axle placement, air conditioner placement etc. The manufacturer will determine the location of these items during construction of the caravan to achieve the targeted ball weight.


What timber is the floor made of?

The floor is in fact an aluminium extrusion with a powder coat surface. While it may look like merbau or jarrah flooring it is actually aluminium. This has many advantages including being both lighter and rot proof. It also removed that painful job of sanding back and repainting/staining decking every 12 months.


Is it for off-road use?

The current Sky-Deck™ is not designed for off road use. An off road model is being considered but until extensive testing is carried out and demand warrants it, the product is for on road use.


I don’t have a caravan, I want it on my 5th wheeler or motor home!

This isn’t really a question but it still belongs here. Motor home and 5th wheeler adaptions of the Sky-Deck™ are being considered as are variations for portable housing and marine environments. Again, we’ll be driven by the demand so keep asking your next manufacturer when their product will feature a Sky-Deck™.